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Manufacturing can make the difference between selecting a product and leaving it on the shelf. Especially where bandanas for practical uses are concerned, including in the outdoors and on the job, quality construction is paramount. Thinner, less durable materials mean more replacements or a less-comfortable feel and, long term, result in more aggravation.

Our American-made premium cotton bandanas represent the apex of quality. For starters, they're manufactured domestically - rather than overseas - and illustrate our commitment to sturdy construction. Secondly, we select heavy-duty, high-thread-count material, which offers the greatest longevity among our product line.

We then finish each American-made cotton bandana with a classic pattern - a paisley print. Many, by default, associate this with bandanas, and we've added the familiar teardrop-shaped combination across the surface, complemented by a solid-color border.

About Our American-Made Premium Cotton Bandanas

We've aspired to excellence since the very beginning. Tan's Club started in 1997 with a high-quality cotton solid-color bandana. This product not only set the template for the rest of the industry in terms of construction, but we've also built the rest of our product line from here, adding various prints, colors and fabrications.

Our American-made premium cotton bandanas:

  • Suit a wide range of applications and are ideal for long-term use.
  • Are made of 100% cotton - no blends.
  • Are ideal for embroidery.
  • Offer double-sided printing, for a bold, distinctive look (except black-red-white and navy-red-white) and color faster.
  • Have a much softer feel, thanks to a higher thread count.
  • Retain their construction with overlock-stitched edges, which prevent fraying and unraveling.
  • Utilize heavier-weight fabrication than standard single-sided bandanas.
  • Provide a greater degree of durability compared to single-sided bandanas.


Along with various material-related attributes, our American-made bandanas:

  • Measure: 21.5" x 21.5", size tolerance: +/- 1". This is our standard size.
  • Simply need to be hand-washed in cold water.

Also note that the quality of the same item either ordered by the piece or ordered by the dozen is identical.

21.5"x21.5" - Cotton - PREMIUM - Paisley - Bandanas - Made in USA - PIECE - PRICED.
Price: $5.00
Sale: $3.00
Available Colors: 
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