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You've heard the phrase, "If it isn't broke, don't fix it." But, what about taking something tried and true and improving it for the user? That's the backbone of progress and the core of our own mission.

Tan's Club started in 1997, making our mark with high-quality, solid-color bandanas. They weren't only distinctive - they established the industry standard and form the foundation for our own product line. Yet, rather than rest here, we continue to grow. Over the years, we've introduced triangle bandanas, for a more simplified design, and started offering heavyweight premium cotton construction for even more durability.

Our standard-size triangle cotton premium paisley bandanas embody these principles while further utilizing a classic print over the surface.

What are Triangle Bandanas?

Triangle bandanas are exactly as they sound: Rather than a traditional square shape, the material is cut across the diagonal. This leaves a bandana with two even sides and one long end. Users can quickly tie this around their neck, hair or face or fold it over more economically as an accessory without extra weight or bulk.

About Our Heavyweight Premium Cotton Bandanas

From our template, we now manufacture wholesale bandanas in a range of fabrication - lighter to heavyweight. Featuring a traditional paisley print, these traditional heavyweight cotton bandanas:

  • Are made from our strongest and thickest 100% cotton fabric.
  • Feature overlock-stitched edges to combat unraveling and fraying, whether through wear or the wash.
  • Wash better than bandanas with hem-stitched edges.
  • Are better suited to long-term, more demanding uses.
  • Offer our highest thread count, which improves durability and offers a softer feel.
  • Color faster and retain their appearance for longer compared to single-sided bandanas.
  • Use nearly double-sided printing.
  • Are ideal for embroidery.
  • Measure: 22" x 22" x 31" triangle, size tolerance: +/- 1".
  • Just need to be hand-washed in cold water.
  • Are imported. 

Also note that the quality of the same item either ordered by the piece or ordered by the dozen is identical

22" x 22 "x 31" - Triangle - Cotton - Premium - Paisley - Bandanas - PIECE - PRICED.
Price: $1.50
Sale: $1.39
Available Colors: 
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