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Triangle Bandanas

A triangle shape simplifies the process of folding down a bandana, providing a thinner, easily tied alternative. Ideal for wearing as a headwrap, kerchief or around a neck for practical or style purposes, triangle bandanas are available in solid-color and patterned varieties through Tan's Club.

Triangle Solid Color Bandanas
Triangle Solid Color Bandanas

Triangle Camouflage Bandanas
Triangle Camouflage Bandanas

Triangle Tie Dye Pattern Bandanas
Triangle Tie Dye Pattern Bandanas

Triangle Paisley Bandanas
Triangle Paisley Bandanas

We started in 1997 and have since grown into one of the leading bandana brands. Our growth and prominence stand on multiple pillars. We're renowned in the industry for our solid-color, premium bandanas and pair this flagship product with a vast selection accommodating large orders and some of the lowest prices around. In turn, businesses seeking to purchase wholesale triangle bandanas end up saving more per unit when they buy in bulk - especially with our multi-layered discounts.

For ordering wholesale triangle bandanas, keep the following in mind:

Materials for Triangle Bandanas

Based on your customer, find triangle bandanas in the following fabrications:

  • Polyester: We use 100% micro-polyester for a softer feel, greater absorbency and quick-drying properties. These triangle bandanas are less likely to wrinkle and shrink in the wash and provide a higher thread count. We finish each with hem or overlock stitching.
  • Cotton: This lighter-weight cotton suits medium-duty use while offering a traditional feel. Each includes hemstitched edges.
  • Premium Cotton: Our heavier-weight, higher thread-count cotton fabric prevents fraying and unraveling during the wash, thanks to overstitched edges. We craft these triangle bandanas for a softer feel and long-term use.

Options for Triangle Bandana

Consider product diversity when ordering triangle bandanas from Tan's Club:

  • Sizing: Find individual and bulk triangle bandanas in two sizes: 14 x 14 x 22 in. and 22 x 22 x 31 inches.
  • Solid-color bandanas: Building off our legacy, solid-color triangle bandanas, available in a wide variety of shades, deliver the greatest mileage and open up potential customization opportunities.
  • Patterned bandanas: Meet your customers where they are, style and taste wise, with patterned triangle bandanas. Find classic paisley, camouflage and tie-dye, among other combinations.

Ready to order triangle bandanas in bulk? Along with our time-proven stable quality, Tan's Club provides free ground shipping on orders over $99 and a 30-day money-back guarantee on non-customized merchandise.