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1. Made of 100% micro-polyester which absorbs 10% more moisture, drys 30% faster, has 50% more thread-counts, is double color faster, much softer, much less shrinkage and much less wrinkle than the light-weight cotton solid color bandanas.

2. Size: 22" x 22" x 31" triangle, size tolerance: +/- 1".

3. Hem stitched 3 edges.

4. Hand wash cold.

5. Good for screen printing, heat transfer and etc.

Triangle Sky Camouflage Polyester Bandana

A Tan's Club sky camo triangle bandana is an affordable accessory that you will use again and again. The 100% micro-polyester material offers superior performance for active users. Compared to our standard lightweight cotton bandanas, a polyester kerchief absorbs 10% more moisture, dries 30% faster and is much more resistant to shrinkage and wrinkles. The double-sided sky blue camouflage pattern is also double color-fast with 50% more thread counts. We hem-stitch all three edges for added durability.

If you just need a single sky camo bandana or a few for your friends, Tan's Club sells them at the industry's best prices. Bulk bandanas are also available. This large triangle sky camouflage bandana has more than 240 square inches of surface area with a one-inch size tolerance for use as a face gaiter, arm tie, dog collar and more. By hand-washing in cold water, you'll get many years of great use. The fabric is also good for screen printing or custom stamp artwork. We have a time-proven quality that both consumers and retailers can trust.

22"x22"x31" - Triangle - Polyester - SKY CAMO - Bandanas - PIECE - PRICED.
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Sale: $1.19
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