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Home / Bandanas / Triangle Bandanas / Triangle Tie Dye Pattern Bandanas / 22"x22"x31" - Triangle - Cotton - Tie Dye Pattern - Bandanas - DOZEN - PRICED and PACKED.

1, Made of 100% cotton.

2, Size: 22" x 22" x 31" triangle, size tolerance: +/- 1".

3, Hemstitched 3 edges.

4, Hand wash cold.

5, Good for screen printing, heat transfer and etc.

***Wholesale Quantity Discount:

1~9 dozen, $11.88 per dozen($0.99 per piece).

10~24 dozen, $10.68 per dozen($0.89 per piece).

25~49 dozen, $9.48 per dozen($0.79 per piece).

50 dozen or more, $8.28 per dozen($0.69 per piece).

For extremely large order, please email your inquiry to:

Tie dye triangle bandanas from Tan's Club are a popular option for their light feel.

Our triangle bandanas solve a major problem people have with wearing bandanas. Many methods of wear require them to be folded in half diagonally, effectively thickening their feel. Because these triangle bandanas measure 22" x 22" x 31", they are the same size as a folded standard bandana, which means less material on the head.

Made with 100% cotton, these triangle bandanas offer long-lasting comfort and performance. The tie dye pattern features almost every color of the rainbow, making them perfect for celebrating spring, pride or Easter, or any outdoor event. These are also a good fit for medium and larger dogs, so pet groomers should consider these triangle bandanas as a giveaway.

At Tan's Club, our already low prices get even lower the more you buy. Packaged by the dozen, you'll be able to stock up easily and affordably.

22"x22"x31" - Triangle - Cotton - Tie Dye Pattern - Bandanas - DOZEN - PRICED and PACKED.
Price: $15.00
Sale: $11.88
Wholesale Quantity Discount:
Quantity Price
per dozen
per piece
1-9 dozen $11.88 $0.99
10-24 dozen $10.68 $0.89
25-49 dozen $9.48 $0.79
50+ dozen $8.28 $0.69
For extremely large orders, please email your inquiry to:
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