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Instead of reinvent outright, Tan's Club has always sought to make the bandana better. We started this journey 24 years ago, launching our solid-color, high-quality cotton bandanas. We didn't stop there: We've experimented with multiple fabrications over the years and tried a number of patterns.

Our premium cotton open-center paisley bandanas, available for single and bulk orders, represent an iteration of this approach. One, we utilize heavyweight cotton that not only offers a longer lifespan but handles more rigorous applications - outdoors to the job. Then, we rework the classic paisley print: Instead of an all-over configuration, we create a border utilizing the timeless teardrop pattern that encircles a solid-color center. We complement the design with a solid-color edge.

About Our Premium Cotton Bandanas

Customers considering a bandana for routine use don't want something that frays or tears easily. Our premium cotton fits this need. These bandanas:

  • Are constructed from heavyweight 100% cotton - no extra materials.
  • Offer our most durable fabrication, thanks to a higher thread count.
  • Last the longest out of our product line and handle demanding applications.
  • Feature overlock-stitched edges, which prevent unraveling and fraying.
  • Hold up better through the wash compared to hem-stitched options.
  • Are ideal for embroidery and screen-printing applications, should you want to customize your bandana.
  • Color faster and feel softer than traditional single-sided bandanas.

Additional Specifications

Whether for selling in a store carrying western wear, outdoor products or other essentials, for promotional purposes, or for an organization or team, our premium cotton open-center paisley bandanas:

  • Offer nearly double-sided printing.
  • Measure: 22" x 22", size tolerance: +/- 1".
  • Just need to be hand-washed in cold water.
  • Are imported.

Also note that the quality of the same item either ordered by the piece or ordered by the dozen is identical.

22"x 22" - Cotton - Premium - Open Center - Paisley - Bandannas - PIECE - PRICED
Price: $2.00
Sale: $1.39
Available Colors: 
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