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Bandanas bring style and versatility - but they're also required to provide performance. We thought about ways to improve how our bandanas function in the outdoors, and opted to use polyester for a few of our lines.

Yet, despite the moisture-wicking, shape-retention properties, the appearance is what you remember. A square shape accommodates a range of configurations, from using this polyester bandana as a face mask to a head scarf, durag or helmet liner, or wearing around your neck as you go for a motorcycle riding trip. We couple this with an open-center paisley print - a classic border framing a solid-color middle.

Micro-Polyester Construction

We construct these single-piece bandanas out of micro-polyester, which offers an edge over traditional cotton in the following regards:

  • It absorbs 10% more moisture.
  • The material wicks away moisture and dries 30% faster.
  • Our polyester offers a 50% higher thread-count for a softer feel.
  • It provides double-color faster and retains its appearance for longer.
  • Its fabrication experiences less shrinkage in the wash and is more wrinkle resistant, compared to lightweight cotton offerings.

We then reinforce each polyester bandana with hem- or overlock-stitched edges on all sides.


Within this framework, we add an open-center paisley print. We create a shaped border using the iconic teardrop combination - itself directly associated with bandanas - but use it in moderation, playing it against a solid-color center and border.

Along with this unique version of paisley, each bandana:

  • Measures: 22" x 22", size tolerance: +/- 1".
  • Features nearly double-sided printing.
  • Offers an ideal surface for screen-printing, heat-transfer and other custom logo applications.
  • Just needs to be hand-washed in cold water.
  • Comes in several possible colors, ready for single and bulk orders.
  • Is imported.  

Also note that the quality of the same item either ordered by the piece or ordered by the dozen is identical.

22"x22" - Polyester - Open Center - Paisley - Bandanas - PIECE - PRICED.
Price: $1.20
Sale: $1.09
Available Colors: 
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