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1, Made of 100% micro-polyester which absorbs 10% more moisture, drys 30% faster, has 50% more thread-counts, is double color faster, much softer, much less shrinkage and much less wrinkle than the light-weight cotton solid color bandanas.

2, Size: 14" x 14" x 20" triangle, size tolerance: +/- 1".

3, Hem stitched 3 edges.

4, Hand wash cold.

5, Good for screen printing, heat transfer and etc.

Give small dogs an adorable dash of color with tie dye triangle bandanas from Tan's Club.

These 100% micro-polyester triangle bandanas are perfect for small dogs, because they are light and comfortable without getting weighed down by extra fabric. The material dries faster, absorbs more moisture, is softer and shrinks and wrinkles less often than cotton.

At 14" x 14" x 20", they are perfect for your adorable small breed. They feature a tie dye pattern that includes almost every color in the rainbow. That makes them great for celebrating Easter, pride or other spring happenings. You can find the same pattern in larger sizes, so the two of you can even match.

Since 1997 Tan's Club has offered high-quality bandanas at low prices, and this triangle bandana is a perfect example. With prices this low, you can easily grab a few extra in case of emergencies or discovering other small doggies.

14" x 14" x 20" - Triangle - Polyester - Tie Dye Pattern - Bandanas - PIECE - PRICED.
Price: $1.50
Sale: $1.09
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