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1, Made of 100% cotton.

2, Size: 14" x 14" x 20" triangle, size tolerance: +/- 1".

3, Hemstitched 3 edges.

4, Hand wash cold.

5, Good for screen printing, heat transfer and etc.

Give your small dog a colorful look with a tie dye triangle bandana from Tan's Club.

Featuring a bright, vivid tie dye pattern perfect for pride events, '60s-themed get-togethers or just a day of adventuring, this triangle bandana is perfectly sized for smaller dogs. It is made of 100% cotton for comfort and long-lasting durability, and it features three hem-stitched edges to prevent fraying, shredding and other wear.

This is an outstanding choice for a promotional item. These dog bandanas also respond well to screen printing and heat transfer, making them easy to adorn with a logo or design.

At Tan's Club, we have been offering high-quality garments at low prices since 1997. Our logo is synonymous with quality, and is recognized by many who use bandanas daily. We keep enough stock on hand to accommodate large orders, which means you can stretch your dollars by ordering larger quantities. Contact our experts to learn more about these cute dog bandanas.

14" x 14" x 20" - Triangle - Cotton - Tie Dye Pattern - Bandanas - PIECE - PRICED.
Price: $1.60
Sale: $1.19
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