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Size: The tube is around 20" long and 19" in perimeter, one size fits most.

Solid color can be printed for promotional use.

Made from 100% heavy weight(fabric weight: 250GSM) polyester which can quickly wick, absorb, evaporate moisture. It is also warm, breathable, wind resistant, soft and highly stretchy and wears comfortably.

The winter gaiters can be used as mask, neck warmer, beanie hat, skull cap, pirate cap, balaclava, neckerchief, scrunchy...

Keep yourself warm with winter gaiters from Tan's Club.

Gaiters have enjoyed a surge in popularity since the pandemic. Many enjoy how gaiters meet masking requirements without stifling breath or constricting the mouth. Because it is effectively a loose piece of fabric, it flows and drapes naturally. As people wear them more, they have discovered what runners and outdoors workers have known for years - neck gaiters also are outstanding for either staying warm or keeping cool.

These winter gaiters are made for use during colder months. Made from a 100% heavyweight polyester fabric, they can be worn as several different pieces of winter gear, including a beanie, scarf, balaclava, mask and more. No matter how it is worn, it will wick away moisture while keeping you warm. At about 20" long with a 19" perimeter, one size fits most.

These single-color, solid-color gaiters are a good option for custom screen printing and priced to maximize your profits.

Price: $10.00
Sale: $5.00
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