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Visor Cuffed style. One size fits most. Made of wool-like acrylic. First quality. Great for embroidery.

Cuffed Woodland Camo Visor Beanie

Experience the winter open air on your terms with the right hat from Tan's Club. A cuffed visor woodland camo beanie helps you see others without being spotted yourself. The curved front visor shields against eye-irritating sun glare while the traditional camouflage pattern conceals the wearer among trees and leaves. Leave the cuff at its standard 3-inch height or adjust it so your head, ears and neck always have the best possible insulation. Our one-size-fits-most hats are approximately 12 inches tall by 9 inches wide without the cuff, giving you plenty of material to work with.

The synthetic acrylic fabric of this unisex woodland camouflage beanie visor is remarkably like wool in its heat retention effectiveness. It has a little bit of stretch to accommodate your head and can be laundered like regular shirts and pants. The first-quality material is easy to embroider if you and your friends or team want to personalize them. Tan's Club has a 30-day money-back guarantee on all unaltered merchandise. Bulk visor hats are available as well for retailers and large organizations.

Visor Cuffed Woodland Camouflage Beanie-PIECE PRICED
Price: $15.00
Sale: $4.00
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