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Size: The tube is around 20" long and 19" in circumference, one size fits most.

Made from 100% polyester which can quickly wick, absorb, evaporate moisture. It is also breathable, wind resistant, seamless, soft and highly stretchy and wears comfortably.

The neck-gaiter/tubular-bandana can be used as headband, wristband, mask, scarf, hairband, do-rag, bandana, skull cap, pirate cap, balaclava, neckerchief, scrunchy, hair tamer...


  1. 100% polyester knit one-piece construction
  2. One size fits most (20 in. long, 19 in. circumference)
  3. All-over Tossed American Flag pattern
  4. Per-piece pricing (wholesale bulk buys optional)
  5. Breathable, soft
  6. Moisture-wicking, breathable, extra soft
  7. Breathable, soft, seamless (one-piece)
  8. Protects against drafts, UV rays, contaminants
  9. Customizable with client's embroidery

Keep your neck and head warm or cool with our all-weather American flag pattern neck gaiters from Tan's Club. These stretchy, breathable poly knit neck gaiters will fit over your head and neck to protect you from winter cold or high-temperature summer heat.

They also protect against damaging UV rays from the sun. Or, wear as a face covering.

Our Tossed American flag pattern consists of multiple U.S. flags in bold red and white stripes with white stars on navy blue in a repeating all-over design on our U.S. flag print neck gaiters - also called tubular bandanas.

Premium Neck Gaiters

Our premium polyester neck gaiters are made for breathability, wind-resistance and durability. They wick away moisture to keep your skin dry and comfortable. They're ideal as face masks that will stay comfortable with a secure fit for hours of inside or outdoors wear. The American flag pattern creates a bold look on neck gaiters that can be adjusted and re-positioned as wide head bands or layered-look neck scarves.

Order your American flag neck gaiters by the piece, or order dozens. Although we specialize in big orders at lowest wholesale prices, our single-order options will allow you to sample the quality of each neck gaiter style before investing in that big buy.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our easy 30-day returns policy on non-customized small and large orders. The smooth surfaces or our poly knit flag neck gaiters will allow for added embroidery of your business name or logo.

We also sell American Flag pattern bandanas. Each American flag bandana with a repeating pattern of waving U.S. flags is a generous 22 in. by 22 in. in size. Also see our red, white and blue American Flag knit ski caps. Shop our collection of inexpensive American flags by the dozen.

Tossed American Flag - Neck-Gaiters/TUBULAR-Bandanas - PIECE - PRICED.
Price: $20.00
Sale: $3.00
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