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Size: The tube is around 20" long and 19" in circumference, one size fits most.

Pattern: Printed with paisley pattern all around.

Made from 100% polyester which can quickly wick, absorb, evaporate moisture. It is also breathable, wind resistant, seamless, soft and highly stretchy and wears comfortably.

The neck-gaiter/tubular-bandana can be used as headband, wristband, mask, scarf, hairband, do-rag, bandana, skull cap, pirate cap, balaclava, neckerchief, scrunchy, hair tamer...

Wholesale Quantity Discount:

1~9 dozen, $18.00 per dozen($1.50 per piece).

10~24 dozen, $16.00 per dozen($1.34 per piece).

25~49 doze, $14.00 per dozen($1.17 per piece).

50 dozen or more, $12.00 per dozen($1.00 per piece).

For extremely large order, please email your inquiry to:


  1. 100% polyester knit fabric
  2. Sky camouflage all-over pattern: blues, neutrals
  3. One size fits most (20 in. long, 19 in. circumference)
  4. Breathable, moisture-wicking
  5. Extra soft, seamless construction
  6. Protects against cold, heat, sun, wind, airborne contaminants
  7. Can be embroidered to customize
  8. Versatile: Wear as face covering, neck gaiter, hair wrap, pirate cap, neckerchief

Our stretchy poly sky camouflage neck gaiters from Tan's Club are soft, breathable and flexible buys at wholesale prices. Enjoy steep discounts per neck gaiter when you order multiple dozens of these inexpensive one-piece neck gaiters.

Each "tube" is approximately 20 in. long and 19 in. in circumference. One size fits most, and the stretchy 100% polyester fabric allows for adjustments on the go when you switch from using one as a face mask to using it for outside neck-and-face protection against the elements.

The specially treated fabric resists wind and wicks away moisture. Protect yourself against extreme cold or heat with these versatile discount-priced neck gaiters in a handsome camouflage pattern incorporating blues, grays, blacks and white.

Dozens of Uses

Your clients, customers, family and friends can use our neck gaiters as face coverings when pulled up from the neck to protect noses and mouths from dust and debris. Wear them as neck scarves. Keep your chin and neck warm during outside winter activities. You can use them as extra head protection when positioned as liners beneath a hat or work helmet.

Our neck gaiters, also known as tubular bandanas, can become face hoods when you stretch one end over part of your head. Roll it up to head band size. Stretch and position with a knot as a do-rag or pirate cap.

Matching Sky Camo Bandanas

See our matching micro-poly sky camouflage bandanas in standard 22-in. by 22-in. squares. If buying sky camo neck gaiters for a club or team, matching bandanas can also be used as head coverings, handkerchiefs or club event table napkins.

Shop our complete line of neck gaiter styles at wholesale prices. We have solid color gaiters that can be personalized with your embroidery. We have woodland camo neck gaiters, and American Flag pattern neck gaiter styles.

Our novelty neck gaiter designs include grinning skull neck gaiters, flame-pattern tubular bandanas and colorful tie dye neck gaiters. Order singly, or by the dozens. Our 30-day returns policy on non-customized neck gaiters is our way of guaranteeing your satisfaction with our high-quality bandanas and neck gaiters at wholesale discounts.

Sky - Camouflage - Neck-Gaiters/TUBULAR-Bandanas - DOZEN - PRICED and PACKED.
Price: $120.00
Sale: $18.00
Wholesale Quantity Discount:
Quantity Price
per dozen
per piece
1~9 dozen $18.00 $1.50
10~24 dozen $16.00 $1.34
25~49 dozen $14.00 $1.17
50+ dozen $12.00 $1.00
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