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Hand Sanitizer Bottle(Empty) and Vest, PIECE PRICED.

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The prices below include bottle and vest. Bottles and Vests are sold together but packed separately.

The bottles are made of clear plastic and the vests are made of Neoprene.

The bottles are sold unfilled.

The volume of the bottle: 1 oz.

Cap can snap open or screw open to apply or to fill/refill.

Different color bottle vest with an attached black color clip allows you to take this bottle with you wherever soap and water might not be available.

Designed in a small size that fits well anywhere, pant belt loops, purse, backpack, key chain or zipper tag.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Hand Sanitizer Bottle(Empty) and Vest, PIECE PRICED. 990200-PCRegular price: $4.00Sale price: $2.00Available Vest Colors: 

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