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Two-tone or split-color style is everywhere these days. You see it on jackets with contrast sleeves, pants with two differently colored legs, and shirts with distinctive color-blocking. So, why not bandanas?

We take the classic paisley bandana to the next level with our split combinations, dividing the design along the diagonal. Here, red and navy stand out while offering a contrast-heavy appearance that's bound to turn heads no matter how it's worn.

About Our Split Paisley Cotton Bandanas

The colors and print deserve all the attention they'll get. We start with a classic paisley pattern, known for its teardrop configuration, and add it over the surface. When most picture a bandana, this is their automatic association.

From here, we play the warmth of red and the cool depth of navy off each other, creating a contrast between themselves and in conjunction with the all-over paisley pattern.

Yet, fashion isn't our focus, no matter if you carry the latest trends or classic western wear. Instead, quality construction remains at the heart of our mission. In 1997, we made our first impression with a set of high-quality, solid-color bandanas that captured the industry with their strength and durability.

Today, for our standard-size cotton bandana, we maintain and go beyond this template, including for our split paisley combination. These bandanas:

  • Feature heavyweight 100% cotton construction.
  • Are suited to long-term use across a range of applications - style to the outdoors.
  • Feature a softer fabrication, thanks to a higher thread count.
  • Color faster and maintain their appearance longer.
  • Have four overlock-stitched edges to prevent fraying and unraveling.
  • Are significantly more durable than traditional single-sided cotton bandanas.
  • Are ideal for embroidery.
  • Are made in the U.S.A.
  • Just need to be hand-washed in cold water.
  • Measure: 21.5" x 21.5", size tolerance: +/- 1".

Also note that the quality of the same item either ordered by the piece or ordered by the dozen is identical.

Red/Navy - Split - Paisley - Bandanas - Made in USA - PIECE - PRICED.
Price: $4.00
Sale: $3.00
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