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1. Made of 100% polyester.

2. Size: 22" x 22", size tolerance: +/- 1".

3. Hem stitched 4 edges.

4. Hand wash cold.

5. Nearly double sided printing.

Polyester Sky Camouflage Bandana

Add function and fashion to your outdoor getup with a moisture-wicking camo bandana from Tan's Club. The sky camouflage pattern is printed on both sides to provide a nice summer look in any season. Our 100% micro-polyester bandana is great at absorbing moisture and dry 30% faster than lightweight cotton. It measures 22" x 22" and can be folded upon itself without impacting the wicking ability. Polyester also resists shrinking, wrinkling and color-fade. The thread count is 50% higher than a cotton bandana with hem-stitched edges to help it last.

A sky camo bandana works well as a head covering, hair tie, scarf, makeshift ice pack and much more. Tan's Club has been setting the industry standard for bandana quality and price since 1997. While you can buy these bandanas in bulk for retail, we also offer them piece-priced for individuals and small groups that want to save money on their casual apparel. Email or call us for live person customer service that can answer any questions you have.

Polyester - Sky - Camouflage - Bandanas - PIECE - PRICED.
Price: $1.25
Sale: $1.19
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