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100% acrylic knit, first quality, one size fits most, knitted in design.


Comfortable snowflake earflap beanies from Tan's Club help you enjoy chilly weather.

These comfortable beanies greet fall chills and winter snows with wide-open arms. Each beanie features 100% acrylic knit instead of wool, so they will keep you warm without feeling itchy.

Each navy blue beanie has a gray snowflake stitched right in for a vintage look. One size fits most, the earflaps generously cover each ear, ensuring they stay warm and protected against biting winds, wet snow and more. Two braided cords from each earflap allow you to secure the hat easily, and a double pom tassel at the top completes the classic look.

Since 1997 Tan's Club has offered winter earflap beanies at low prices. Our prices get even lower the more you buy, so scoop up a few extra for family and friends for a fun time at your nex tailgate, holiday lights excursion or winter adventure.

Navy/Gray Snowflake Earflap Beanie-PIECE PRICED.
Price: $10.00
Sale: $5.00
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