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100% Polyester, Size: 22" x 22".

Celebrate America with style wearing a Modern Wave American flag bandana from Tan's Club.

This popular American bandana features colors that won't run - figuratively and literally. Using a nearly double-sided printing technique, both sides of this bandana will display the stars and stripes depicted in a modern style that captures the billowing of a large flag on a windy day.

The 100% polyester fabric is durable and light, and the hems along each edge prevent fraying, ripping and other damage from wear. At 22" x 22", this USA bandana is large enough for most typical uses, from helping you beat the heat during a ride or at work, to keeping handy for emergency messes. It's a good choice for motorcycle riders, outdoor workers or anyone seeking to add some patriotic flair to their weekend wardrobe.

At Tan's Club, we have been crafting quality, long-lasting bandanas since 1997, and offering them at low prices. You'll be able to grab a few of these without taking a huge hit to your wallet.

Modern Wave - American Flag - Bandana - PIECE - PRICED.
Price: $1.99
Sale: $1.19
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