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Size: 22" x 22".

Show your Mexican pride with a Mexican flag bandana from Tan's Club.

At Tan's Club, we make it easy to show your love of Mexico with this brightly colored bandana featuring the Mexican flag.

Our Mexican flag bandanas are made with 100% polyester for long-lasting comfort, performance and durability, as well as superior moisture absorbency. Already strong, the hem-stitched edges help resist fraying, shredding and ripping.

As for the flag design, the serpent-eating eagle of the country's crest and the bold red, green and white colors are applied using a nearly double-sided printing technique. They will stand up to wash after wash without fading or running.

These are outstanding options for outside workers such as construction experts, landscapers and roofers, as well as people wanting to show their pride during soccer games or Cinco de Mayo festivals. With our low prices, you can afford to build up a stash for everyday use.

Mexican Flag - Bandana - PIECE - PRICED.
Price: $1.99
Sale: $1.19
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