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Winter Beanie Hats- Ski Caps Cuffed style, great for embroidery.

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Cuffed beanie hats from Tan's Club will help you and your customers stay warm this winter. Overall, you can never have too many winter hats. It seems like we can keep track of our winter coats and boots just fine, and even our gloves. However, our hats tend to get lost or forgotten more easily. That's a tragedy, because head coverings are critically important for handling the cold temperatures, especially for people who work outside.

LONG Winter Beanie Hat-Ski Cap, DOZEN PRICED and PACKED.
LONG Winter Beanie Hat- Ski Cap  PIECE PRICED.
LONG Winter Beanie Hat-Ski Cap, DOZEN PRICED and PACKED.

Regular price: $36.00
Sale price: $34.68, 5/$161.40, 10/$298.80, 20/$549.60
LONG Winter Beanie Hat- Ski Cap PIECE PRICED.

Regular price: $5.99
Sale price: $4.99
Trimmed Cuffed Winter Beanie Hats- Ski Caps
Trimmed Cuffed Winter Beanie Hats- Ski Caps

That's why our line of ski caps for sale is made with premium materials for the best in warmth and comfort. We also offer a rainbow of color options so that your customers can find the hat that best fits their style or personality.

Cuffed for Comfort

These winter beanie hats are cuffed - in a nutshell, they offer enough fabric to fold up outside the hat. We use a wool-like acrylic for incredible warmth for the wearer.

The cuff gives these winter caps some advantages:

  • The extra layer of fabric helps keep ears warm despite biting winds or low temperatures.
  • The cuff can used to adjust the length of the hat to a perfect fit.
  • It helps wick away moisture without exposing skin to a chilly blast.

Custom Styles and a Slim Profile

Because we use a wool-like acrylic, these hats have a slim profile that is perfect for embroidering with a custom logo. Combine that with one of a multitude of color and stripe options, and you'll be able to create a winter beanie that helps raise your brand awareness. Browse through our many options, and just imagine the possibilities.

With Tan's Club, you'll enjoy excellent service and wholesale prices. We've been helping people find high-quality wearable items since 1997, and we can't wait to help you make a difference for your business and its patrons.