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100% acrylic knit, one size fits most, knitted in design.

Count on Tan's Club for comfy, charming khaki earflap beanies that keep you warm.

These vintage earflap beanies feature a traditional crisscross design with black and white details on a khaki background. The details are knitted right in, so you don't have to worry about the decorations wearing away.

Made from a 100% acrylic knit, they are warm and moisture wicking. You'll get the warmth of wool without the stifling itchiness. The earflaps are generous, protecting the ears from the cold, and are equipped with braided cords for tying the beanie down. Hems around the base and a braided tassel at the top, complete the vintage look. This comfortable winter beanie matches a wide variety of winter coats, thanks to its neutral color and traditional appearance.

These earflap beanies are built for football weather and winter sports. Our low prices mean you can stock up on a few as extras, just in case someone needs or forgets to bring a winter hat

Khaki/Black/White CrisCross Earflap Beanie-PIECE PRICED.
Price: $10.00
Sale: $5.00
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