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14" x 14" Handkerchief/Napkin. Wholesale Discount at as low as $0.39 per piece.

A full-size bandana isn't always necessary - and may end up being a bulky hindrance. For this reason, Tan's Club offers wholesale handkerchiefs, each measuring 14 x 14 in. to be tucked into a pocket, used as a cleaning cloth or informal napkin, or sported as an accessory.

14" x 14" Paisley Bandanas/Handkerchiefs/Napkins.
14" x 14" Paisley Bandanas/Handkerchiefs/Napkins.

14" x 14" Solid Color Bandanas/Handkerchiefs/Napkins.
14" x 14" Solid Color Bandanas/Handkerchiefs/Napkins.

Materials for Wholesale Handkerchiefs

Smaller in size doesn't mean limited or with fewer options. Our handkerchiefs use the full range of our materials:

  • Polyester: We start with 100% micro-polyester, which absorbs moisture and helps it dry and won't shrink as significantly in the wash. These handkerchiefs further offer a soft feel and wrinkle resistance.
  • Premium Polyester: We upgrade the properties of our standard polyester handkerchiefs to provide a greater degree of softness and absorbency and barely any shrinkage.
  • Cotton: If you're on the search for a classic bandana, our cotton fabrication delivers this precisely with medium-term construction.
  • Premium Cotton: Our premium bandanas are constructed out of heavy-duty yet soft 100% cotton designed to hold up to long-term use. We further ensure its longevity with seams that won't fray or unravel through washing.

Ordering Bulk Handkerchiefs

Tan's Club established our two-decades' strong reputation through our solid-color premium bandanas. We then took this template to expand our product line through a choice of materials, patterns and sizes. This extends to our handkerchiefs - essentially a smaller version of our flagship product.

Further fortifying our reputation, we're known for our low prices and multi-layer discounts. Coupled with a selection built for bulk orders, our approach results in significant per-unit savings, making us the definite choice for restocking your store or ordering handkerchiefs for a team or group.

For these 14 x 14 in. bandanas, we present two options:

  • Solid-color bulk handkerchiefs: Explore a wide spectrum of shades - from black to white and everything in between. Not only are these handkerchiefs versatile, but the material is ideal for various customizations.
  • Paisley bulk handkerchiefs: These resemble a classic bandana on a smaller scale. Choose from all-over paisley print to circle and border options.

Count on us for time-proven stable quality and dedication to our customers - including a 30-day money-back guarantee on non-customized merchandise. Start your search today, and get free ground shipping on orders over $99.