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Ear Warmers

Ear warmers from Tan's Club keep customers comfortable during colder days.

Blank Acrylic Ear Warmer, DOZEN PRICED and PACKED.
Blank Acrylic Ear Warmer, DOZEN PRICED and PACKED.

Regular price: $30.00
Sale price: $23.28, 10/$226.80, 25/$552.00, 50/$1,074.00
Blank Acrylic Ear Warmer, PIECE PRICED.
Blank Acrylic Ear Warmer, PIECE PRICED.

Regular price: $6.00
Sale price: $3.99

Of all the parts of the face that get chilled in cold weather, the ears are some of the most sensitive. They will get colder more quickly, and get irritated or painful when left exposed. A lot of winter hats have provisions for covering ears, but those can overheat the rest of the head.

A perfect solution is ear warmers from Tan's Club. Made with 100% acrylic, these ear warmers go over the head like a headband, letting the wearer's hair flow freely. These are popular options for people with thick hair, or styled hair that wants to be shown off.

They are available in a wide selection of single colors, making them perfect for embroidering with a custom logo from your business or school. With that logo, they make fantastic giveaways or fundraisers during tailgating season, holiday parades and other outdoor events. Our low bulk prices make it easy to get however many you need.