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1. Made of 100% polyester.

2. Size: 22" x 22", size tolerance: +/- 1".

3. Hem stitched 4 edges.

4. Hand wash cold.

5. Nearly double sided printing.

Wholesale Quantity Discount:

1~9 dozen, $13.08 per dozen ($1.09 per piece).

10~24 dozen, $11.88 per dozen ($0.99 per piece).

25~49 dozen, $10.68 per dozen ($0.89 per piece).

50 dozen or more, $9.48 per dozen ($0.79 per piece).

Wholesale Blaze Camo Square Bandanas

Prepare for any season of adventure with our bulk blaze camo polyester bandanas. This special camouflage pattern is popular among hunters and anglers who want to disguise themselves from their pray while still being visible to other outdoorsmen. Wear them as a head covering to stay cool and dry all summer long or over the face and neck to ward off the cool autumn wind. Our micro-polyester material wicks away moisture and dries fast so you'll be comfortable. The super-soft material also resists wrinkling and stretching.

Tan's Club square blaze camo pattern bandanas are a must to stock at your outdoor sportsman store. They have nearly double-sided printing with a color-fast design and hem-stitched edges. Hand-wash them in cold water to maintain their performance and bright looks for years. We offer four tiers of wholesale quantity discounts, so the more bandanas you buy, the less you pay per piece. Unaltered blaze camouflage bandanas have a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the fabric can easily be screen printed with your store logo or a special message.

Polyester - Blaze - Camouflage - Bandannas - DOZEN - PRICED and PACKED.
Price: $15.00
Sale: $13.08
Wholesale Quantity Discount:
Quantity Price
per dozen
per piece
1-9 dozen $13.08 $1.09
10-24 dozen $11.88 $0.99
25-49 dozen $10.68 $0.89
50+ dozen $9.48 $0.79
For extremely large orders, please email your inquiry to:
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