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100% acrylic knit, one size fits most, knitted in design.

Keep heads warm and eyes happy with these sharp knitted earflap beanies from Tan's Club.

Winter hats get lost regularly, so customers will appreciate this low-cost, comfortably warm replacement. It is made with 100% acrylic knit to give all the warmth of wool without the bad fit and itch. The two earflaps extend down for excellent protection against biting winds and snow, and each earflap has a braided cord that can be tied down to keep the beanie secure during winter playtime.

Its traditional crisscross design is knitted right in the hat, so it will look good for as long as it is worn, season after season. The ash gray hat features black and white crisscross designs that match perfectly with many winter coats. A third tassel on top gives the wearer a bit of personal style.

These earflap beanies handle embroidery well, so pick up a few and add your business logo for winter giveaways.

Ash/Black/White CrisCross Earflap Beanie-PIECE PRICED.
Price: $10.00
Sale: $5.00
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