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Size: The tube is around 20" long and 19" in circumference, one size fits most.

Made from 100% polyester which can quickly wick, absorb, evaporate moisture. It is also breathable, wind resistant, seamless, soft and highly stretchy and wears comfortably.

The neck-gaiter/tubular-bandana can be used as headband, wristband, mask, scarf, hairband, do-rag, bandana, skull cap, pirate cap, balaclava, neckerchief, scrunchy, hair tamer...

Wholesale Quantity Discount:

1~9 dozen, $20.00 per dozen($1.67 per piece).

10+ dozen, $19.00 per dozen($1.58 per piece).

American flag neck gaiters from Tan's Club give your customers a patriotic way to stay comfortable, whether they are shielding themselves from dust or the frigid winter air. Gaiters are the best-kept secret of joggers wanting to stay warm in the morning chill, or landscape workers wanting a comfortable, reliable filter for working in all the dust, pollen and more.

How Is It Versatile?

Measuring 20 inches long with a 19-inch circumference, these neck gaiters are tubular bandanas that will easily go around the head and cling comfortably without limiting your breath. The 100% polyester material is light and stretchy, and offers a breathable yet wind-resistant coverage. You and your customers will love wearing these in so many different ways - a gaiter also makes a good headband, scrunchie, bandana, scarf and whatever else you can think of.

Wear Your Pride on Your Face

The American flag design is perfect for patriotic holiday celebrations such as the Fourth of July and Memorial Day, but with election season nearing again, these will be a popular item for upcoming political rallies as well. Grab a dozen for you and your staff to wear, or grab a few dozen to offer to your customers. At Tan's Club, we've been trusted to deliver high-quality tubular bandanas and more since 1997.

American Flag - Neck-Gaiters/TUBULAR-Bandanas - DOZEN - PRICED and PACKED.
Price: $120.00
Sale: $20.00
Wholesale Quantity Discount:
Quantity Price
per dozen
per piece
1~9 dozen $20.00 $1.67
10+ dozen $19.00 $1.58
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