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Home / Bandanas / SOLID Plain Color Bandanas Wholesale Discount at as low as $0.54 per piece. / 27" x 27" Oversized Solid Bandanas. / 27"x27" - Oversized - Polyester - SOLID Color - Bandanas - PIECE - PRICED.

1, Made of 100% micro-polyester which absorbs 10% more moisture, drys 30% faster, has 50% more thread-counts, is double color faster, much softer, much less shrinkage and much less wrinkle than the light-weight cotton solid color bandanas.

2, Size: 27" x 27", size tolerance: +/- 2".

3, Hem stitched or over-lock stitched 4 edges.

4, Hand wash cold.

5, Good for screen printing, heat transfer and etc.

If you're looking to purchase high-quality bandanas by the piece, you'll find the lowest prices in the industry at Tan's Club. This 27" x 27" oversized bandana is available in a wide array of solid colors and is made of durable and soft 100% micro-polyester.

Benefits of Polyester Bandanas

While lightweight cotton is often the fabric of choice when it comes to bandanas, polyester is superior for a number of reasons. Unlike cotton, polyester does not wrinkle easily and does not shrink after being washed. It also dries 30% faster and has 50% more thread counts, which means it's softer and more durable than lightweight cotton.


Oversized bandanas are ideal for arts and crafts projects, including embroidery, heat-transfer, and screen-printing. They can also be used as individually as hairbands, napkins, pouches, and more. Or buy them in bulk to use as giveaway items for corporate events and other gatherings. You can even purchase a customized stamp to easily add logos and other identifying information to your bandanas.

More Than 20 Colors to Choose From

This 27" x 27" bandana comes in a wide range of vibrant solid colors, including solid black, solid white, solid burgundy, solid dark green, solid dark brown, solid light pink, solid bright yellow, solid beige, solid dark gray, solid cocoa brown, solid gold, solid sky blue cream, solid purple, solid hot pink, solid turquoise, solid rust, solid orange, solid fuchsia, solid royal blue, solid navy, solid light gray, solid Kelly green, solid teal green, solid lavender, solid lime, solid mint, and solid red.

Low Pricing & Free Shipping

We offer wholesale pricing on all our items, whether you buy them individually or in bulk. In addition to cotton and polyester bandanas, we carry tote bags, American flags, T-shirts, fleece blankets, aprons, foldable chairs, and more. Shipping is free on orders over $99 and we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all non-customized items

27"x27" - Oversized - Polyester - SOLID Color - Bandanas - PIECE - PRICED.
Price: $3.00
Sale: $1.99
Available Colors: 
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Personalize the Bandanas Yourself by Using Custom StampsPersonalize the Bandanas Yourself by Using Custom StampsYou are buying custom stamps down here. We do NOT stamp your artwork onto your bandanas.