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1, Everyone likes cotton bandanas simply because it absorbs moisture well, feels soft. However cotton has its limit. It shrinks after washing, it holds the moisture and does not dry fast and it is expensive.

Introducing our micro-fiber premium polyester solid color bandanas, it is softer than cotton, it has almost no shrinkage after washing, it holds 50% more moisture and dries 100% faster than the same weight premium cotton bandanas. Most importantly, it is 30% less expensive than the premium cotton bandanas.

2, 100% polyester sheeting.

3, Size: 14" x 14", size tolerance: +/- 1".

4, Over-lock stitched 4 edges.

5, Hand wash cold.

6, Good for screen printing, sublimation, heat transfer, embroidery and etc.


  1. 100% micro-polyester fabric
  2. Solid colors
  3. Overlock stitching for stronger, fray-resistant hems
  4. Size: 14 in. x 14 in. square (Size tolerance: +/- 1 in.)
  5. Dries 30% faster, with 50% higher thread count than lightweight cotton
  6. Can be embroidered, screen-printed for customization
  7. Per-piece pricing available
  8. Hand wash cold

Buy a single 14-in. by 14-in. soft square bandana, or order them by the dozens at wholesale prices from Tan's Club. Unlike ordinary cotton bandanas, our premium micro-polyester bandanas won't shrink after repeated washings in cold water.

That makes these square 14-in. by 14-in. solid color bandanas ideal for use as restaurant cloth napkins or catering napkins. Our premium poly solid color napkins also dry twice as fast as heavy cotton square napkins. Poly napkins also cost 30% less, on average, than pricey, stiffer heavy cotton bandanas.

Per-Piece Buys

Save big on per-piece bandana buys from America's favorite source for solid color bandanas at wholesale prices since 1997. Enjoy bigger discounts on bulk buys of our 14-in. by 14-in. premium poly bandanas by the dozen.

Each bandana is made of 100% polyester sheeting with a standard size tolerance of plus or minus 1 in. Unlike other poly napkins, ours are hemmed with two layers of overlock stitching for all-over durability, and to prevent frays and raveling over time.

Custom Poly Bandanas

Customize your solid color bandanas with screen printing, heat transfers or embroidery. Hand wash cold to preserve your bandana customization.

Choose from dozens of solid colors, ranging from red, white and blue to purple, lime green and hot pink. If you want to sample our bandanas, you can order just one in the color of your choice. If you have questions, contact our friendly in-house experts.

Our DIY custom bandana design stamps allow you to personalize your bandanas or napkins using our inks, ink pads and custom stamps with your logo, art or wording. You can decide where and how to position each stamp on each bandana for a truly personalized result.

14"x14" - POLYESTER - PREMIUM - Solid Color - Bandana/Handkerchief/Napkin - PIECE - PRICED.
Price: $1.50
Sale: $1.09
Available Colors: 
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