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Not every size fits all applications. When a task calls for something smaller and more compact, Tan's Club has you prepared with 14 x 14 in. polyester bandanas.

Featuring a classic paisley print, these napkin-size bandanas suit specialty uses. Your customer might be seeking out a handkerchief or a cleaning cloth for their home or car. Or, their eye might be on style: for instance, a bandana as a hair tie or bow or a pocket square. For a third instance, they may be offering giveaway or swag bags, and may be interested in providing smaller, branded bandanas.

In all instances, our 14 x 14 in. polyester paisley bandanas have you covered.

Napkin or Handkerchief Size

Larger bandanas add too much bulk and extra fabric. A smaller size is better suited to the applications described above, as well as plenty others. For single and bulk orders, we carry 14 x 14 in. bandanas for this purpose, in contrast to our standard 22 x 22 in. offerings.

Smaller, however, doesn't translate to an afterthought. We've sought out a performance-oriented material and finish each bandana with a classic paisley print complemented by a solid-color border.

Our Polyester Bandanas

When performance is at a premium, polyester goes the distance, meeting expectations every step of the way. For our polyester paisley handkerchief bandanas, we use 100% micro-polyester, which:

  • Absorbs 10% more moisture and wicks it away to keep the wearer's skin dry.
  • Dries 30% faster than traditional cotton.
  • Has a 50% higher thread count, resulting in a softer feel.
  • Experiences less shrinkage in the wash, compared to traditional single-sided cotton bandanas.
  • Offers better wrinkle resistance compared to cotton for everyday applications.
  • Is suitable for embroidery, if you're looking to customize your handkerchiefs.

Along with these attributes, each bandana:

  • Measures: 14" x 14", size tolerance: +/- 1".
  • Includes four hem-stitched or overlock edges.
  • Features nearly double-sided printing.
  • Just needs to be hand-washed cold.
  • Is imported.

Also note that the quality of the same item either ordered by the piece or ordered by the dozen is identical.

14"x14" - Polyester - Paisley - Bandana/Handkerchief/Napkin - PIECE - PRICED.
Price: $1.20
Sale: $0.99
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